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Captain America Toys

Captain America

The Captain America movie was based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. In fact, it is the fifth installment in the cinematic version of the character. The storyline follows the character Steve Rogers a man who is extremely sickly and resides in Brooklyn. He happens to be transformed into Captain America, a super soldier who has one goal which is to change the tide of the war against Adolf Hitler. He has to fight and defeat the Red Skull who is the head of Hitler's weaponry division. He is also a leader in a mysterious organization that has plans to use a deadly device on America known as the tesseract. This device is supposed to allow the wielder of it to have total world domination.

The Captain America movie actually started the craze for these Captain America toys and other odd products all with kids in mind. Every little boy loves action figures as well as all of the nifty gadgets and accessories that go with them. The Captain America movie just put little boys in touch with what toy character they hoped would come out next. What kids like about the movie, and what makes them want the toys lies in the fact that Captain America is a super hero only seeking to promote good for the world. He fights bad people and stands up for justice. He is an iconic and likeable super hero. Furthermore, his personality is extremely out there at times, he is not afraid to show raw emotion, and of course he promotes a sense of positivism. He also has a lot of friends who are also super heroes, and it fascinates young boys. They like to imagine that they could be like him and hang out with people like he does in the movie. All in all, it seems that kids can relate to him, and more than anything else, they want to be like him, putting bad people behind bars and making a difference in their community. The Captain America movie teaches young children a lot of things about morals and values, even though it is an action movie. You can see what happens when you make bad choices, and no one wants that to be someone that Captain America whisks off to jail, or has to beat up.

Captain America Toys and Where to Find Them

Some of the most popular Captain America toys are the action figures. Kids love for their parents to get them the Captain America doll along with some of the bad people so that they can pretend to fight and beat them up for hours on end. The Captain America figurine with his shield and his total attire is one that many young kids find most appealing. This toy is quite the collector's item, and some just buy it for that very reason, so Captain America toys are not just for small kids. Adults who liked the movie and are fans of Captain America buy the figurines to collect hoping that they might be worth something one day.

The Invaders set is another wonderful toy collection for the Captain America fan. This is more of a collector's item though as young kids would want them to play with them. For adults though, collecting a set like this could really prove valuable 20 years down the road when you simply cannot find figurines like these any longer. Even if they are purchased for children, if they are well taken care of they could still have some monetary value later in life especially when passed down generation to generation.

Where to Buy

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